Covid-19 Notice

Due to covid restrictions, all face-to-face classes – Brush & Ink (Adults), Brush & Ink (Children), Yoga in Maribyrnong*, Merri Yoga – are suspended until at least the evening Thursday November 5th.
Any yoga or brush and ink students requiring help or advice over this period is always welcome. Richard’s phone doesn’t have a ‘missed call’ capacity, so at least leave a number on his voicemail. Emails can be sent but it is a slower and more indirect form of communication.

Cancelled classes – *The Maribyrnong Community Centre organizes and takes enrolments for the yoga classes Richard teaches there. The centre has its own policy on cancelled classes which may differ from the classes Richard takes outside the centre.

If there is space, make-up classes will be offered, or for those who have paid for classes that have not gone ahead because of covid, your credit can be taken on into Term 4 classes or money returned to your account.
Please look after yourself. I’m thinking of you.