The Teacher
  • Richard's mature teaching style is a positive, down to earth synthesis of body, mind and spirit arrived at after 40 years' regular practice, ongoing study and teaching with a clear relationship to the arts and creativity.
  • 1973-1985 received extensive yoga teacher training under the late Dorotea Mangiamele, founder of Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance.
  • Has taught yoga since 1975.
  • Is a full member of the International Yoga Teachers Association (I.Y.T.A.)
  • Through his practice of Japanese ink painting and calligraphy brings an artistic and creative dimension to the postures, concentration and flow of energy in these yoga classes.

Contents of a class/workshop

Here is an integral and creative approach to the practices of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath), Pratyahara (relaxation) over Dhyana (meditation). Students practice yoga stretches, postures and movement, sound mantra, breathing relaxation and sitting. Emphasis is on breath connected posture work where the level of physical exertion is generally mild to moderate (in relation to the dynamic or more athletic forms of yoga).Partner work can also form part of the class. Students should feel free to adjust the practices to their situation under Richard’s eye.

For further information telephone Richard on (03)9387 1236 or email

Workshops (Term 3, 2018)

at Mangala Studios, 73 Grattan St, Carlton

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