Brush & Ink Classes
Adult classes are suspended until at least 19 August 2020. After which the class size will be strictly limited.
Children's Classes are suspended at least until 19 August 2020.
Remote learning is possible for these classes, please contact Richard on 0393871236.

Yoga Classes
Merri Yoga and Maribyrnong Yoga Classes are suspended until at least 19 August 2020.
Meanwhile, Yoga students are encouraged to make use of Richard's Audio Sessions.
(See Downloads page)

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Wellbeing through Brush & Ink

Behold Art with Yoga, Brush & Ink is the business name of the yoga and sumie (Japanese ink painting) and shodo (Japanese calligraphy) classes / workshops taught and administered by Richard Liddicut.

Richard Liddicut

Richard brings to his classes / workshops a breadth and depth of teaching experience gained over 40 years of sharing these subjects so close to him, in his pursuit of art.